This Only Fans Model Is Taking TikTok by Storm

As a successful Only Fans model, I produce a collection of creative content to attract subscribers. I also leverage the power of other social media as a tremendous tool for self-promotion, with a growing Instagram following and accounts on YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. Three recent TikTok posts that went viral surprised even me with the attention they generated:

The Hotel Complaint Heard ‘round the World (10.7M views): Enchanted by their website featuring spacious rooms and dazzling amenities, I booked a stay at the Civilian Hotel in New York City (at $500 per night), intending to take photos for my Instagram account. Turns out the tiny room was too small to move around in comfortably and all the amenities weren’t open yet; even worse, management wouldn’t allow me access to photograph anything without first getting permission from their sales and marketing person—who hung up on me twice, then told me to “call Jesus” for help. In the hospitality industry, customer relationships are essential and offering a solution for any problem that arises is something that great hotels are renowned for. What should have been a win-win, providing a fairly new hotel with free exposure via photos viewed worldwide, instead was an embarrassing display of customer disservice. I took the director’s advice and told Jesus all about it, but I also put it out on TikTok and it’s been viewed more than 10 million times.

Plan B for Breakfast with a Doritos® Chaser (357.1K views): One night in the heat of the moment I thought I was ready to risk it all but in the cold light of day, my sensibilities kicked in—so I picked up a Plan B pill and my favorite spicy nacho cheese Doritos®. Tip: I discovered a plastic tab that easily zips the pill box open; there’s no need to ask for a man’s help (which is what got me into this situation in the first place, really). My very genuine appreciation for Plan B and demonstrating how easy it is to take actually landed me a deal with the company that manufactures this “morning after” pill, access to which has become even more essential for women in the wake of the reversal of Roe v. Wade.  

Dating Update Reveals Signs Are Everywhere (624.4K views): Sometimes the universe sends you signs that a new romance is doomed. Prime example—after each of three encounters with a certain gentleman, I found myself seeking medical attention. First, I ended up needing to take a Plan B pill (enough said). Next, I caught strep throat from him. Finally, after our third encounter, he sent me a picture of his positive COVID-19 test and admitted he had started feeling ill even before he came to my house (um, why come over and risk getting me sick too, I thought). Message received: the stars are not aligned for this toxic distraction, so this sweet but sickly boo has gotten the boot.