Insider’s Tips On the Top Trends in Bathroom Shower Tile Design

Are you remodeling your bathroom space in the year 2021? If you are in the phase of lining out the right bathroom shower tiles, then this article will come in handy for you to decide the many tile patterns that need to go into your new bathroom space, especially focusing on the shower tiles. 

Here are some of the biggest trends in terms of bathroom shower tiles in the year 2021: 

1. Graphic Tile Patterns

Graphic tiles are much like a statement necklace that sets the tone for your space. The louder, the crazier, and the more muted the graphic pattern, the more subtle but definitive the design. Patterns can capture your heart pretty quickly and are in popular demand, especially this year. Today mostly, encaustic ceramic tiles are a [popular choice among renters and homeowners alike. Bold prints and colors are accepted quicker in the bathroom space than in any other space. In fact, a perfect space to install graphic bathroom shower tiles is your powder room shower area. 

2. Matte Finish Shower Tiles

Sure the gloss finish shower tiles were more popular a decade ago and are still used exponentially. However, the trend is making a quick shift to all things matte finish. The light passing through the sprinkles of water on your matte finish shower tiles is equally fun to watch while enjoying a long shower in the bathroom. Along with that, from the maintenance perspective too, these matte finish shower tiles are easier to clean up and aren’t slippery to touch. 

3. Choose Neutral

A neutral color palette is a sign of a more modern and contemporary design. If you are someone probably from the millennial zone, these muted contemporary neutral color palettes might suit you. Nudes, greys, and creams have their own charm of their own. This type of shower tile makes your bathroom feel like a bright, calming space, just like a spa sanctuary. 

4. Subway Tiles 

A decade ago, subway tiles would have been considered boring. These cute rectangles that can be found in common places are renewed and redefined now in this decade with many interesting color options, sizes, and thickness. What makes this more special is the grout lines that go between the tiles do interesting choices of colored subway shower tiles. If you want to go for an all-white background, these tiles are also a classic example of a design that is a timeless beauty. 

5. Dimensional Tiles

Who says tiles have to be rectangular or square-like? They can be more diverse with the pattern and dimensions. In 2021, more and more people will choose to opt for tiles that shriek freedom and bend from the norm, going a different route. These tiles add character to your bathroom shower tile design and give the room an eccentric look that is unique from other tiles. 

Get hold of these five trends this year as you remodel your bathroom space and jazz it up with new shower tiles and exquisite flooring designs.