What Are The Best 6 Home Improvements That Pay Off?

Want to boost the value of your home? Then making some home improvements this year could be just what the doctor ordered. But not all home improvements are created equal – some pay you back when you sell, and some don’t. Check out the best bang for your buck home improvements below! 

Minor Bathroom Upgrade

It costs roughly $10,000 to swap out your tub, tile surround, sink, floor, toilet, and fixtures. If you do that, you could see a 100% return at resale. Not bad! 

By the way, let’s talk about caulking. If you can put your kid’s name on a birthday cake, you can handle caulking that new tub. First, use a product such as CAULK-BE-GONE to soften up the old caulk for easy removal. Fill your tub with water when you’re finished so the caulk will stretch when it dries.

Don’t forget to replace old shower doors with new, modern ones to complete your bathroom’s new look. 


According to some sources, the typical homeowner spends about $3,500 on landscaping and $1,450 for the designer. 

If you wonder where to start, check with your nearby garden center, as they may offer complimentary design services. Bet on sod costing about 0.35 per square foot. If you have a 5,000 sq. ft. yard, you will pay about $1,500 to resod it. 

Adding some color at the front of your home is a way to catch a potential buyer’s eye. For the most impact, try one high-impact color and use plants of varying height. 

If you drop about $5,000 on your landscaping, you could see a 100% return-on-investment. 

Minor Kitchen Upgrade

If you decide on a minor kitchen remodel in the $15,000 range, you could see a 98% ROI at resale. A minor remodel is a solid choice when the kitchen needs cosmetic changes and not an overhaul of the floor plan. 

Spending $15,000 will cover about 30 feet of cabinet refacing, oven, cooktop, sink and fixtures, laminated counters, and tile flooring. 

Consider spending more on countertops if your home is worth $500,000 or more. 

Exterior Upgrades

We’re talking about new vinyl siding, paint, and an updated front door. To replace 1,300 sq. ft. of vinyl siding costs about $7,000. The average return on investment is 95%. 

Use paint color cards to take all the guesswork out of selecting the right colors for your door, siding, and trim. 

If you opt for more expensive fiber-cement siding, the cost will be around $10,300, with a fantastic ROI of 103%. 

Attic Conversion 

Turning your attic into a bedroom will cost about $39,000 and return roughly 93% at resale. The best ROI is in the West at 105%, and the worst is in the Midwest at 82%. 

This price includes a bedroom that is 15 x 15, a 5 x 7 ft. bath and shower, four windows, and a closet. 

You’ll need to see if your current AC unit can handle cooling another room. If not, consider adding a second AC unit. 

Major Bathroom Upgrade

An extensive bathroom remodel means expanding the typical 5 X 7 ft bathroom, replacing and relocating the toilet and tub, adding fancy sinks and faucets, a small closet, new lighting, tile flooring, and an exhaust fan. 

Total cost is $26,000 with a 93% ROI at resale. 

You have almost endless choices when it comes to remodeling your home. It’s smart to focus on the ones that give you the best return. If you knock out one or two of the above improvements, your bank account will thank you when you sell!