Modern living style with parquet flooring

Our floors are sleek, bringing energy to your home and a chic lifestyle.

Flooring – more elegant inside

There are many benefits to the floor-it offers a sleek, compact, and easy-to-keep cover. We have attached to you the beautiful Parquet flooring Dubai designs for inspiration. As oak and beech, the company has laid out its lovely solid wood flooring. The floor is a modern, rustic style that can be combined with the rustic Scandinavian ideas of classical Italian decoration. The floor is modern and rustic. The wooden floor is more than just a practical item in the living room. Cleverly mixed are different colors and intricate designs. The parquet consists of multiple layers of real design properties.

Parquet for home and garden

The new living room should both be spacious and relaxing. To achieve the necessary effect, you can place the sofa, a coffee table, and a wall on the open floor of the living room with various features. A rational visual contact will take place during the series, insert the entire hardwood. Even smaller apartments are, therefore, visually larger. You can also use warm wood floors on the terrace – today’s floors are made with special materials, so it is airtight. The outdoor terrace is built from wood and well-fitted with modern furniture to preserve the garden desi for those who wish to stay close to nature.

Inspire you by Dubai designers’ innovative ideas – select a trendy floor covering to represent you with good care. We have compiled the fascinating model set to enjoy models, color variations, and creative ideas!

If you’re like many other people talking about installing new hardwood floors then you may have the idea that all your floors will fit. While some people believe they should match the floors for a sense of uniformity and room all over their houses, this is needless. We recommend that you at Classic Floor Designs mix different wood types across the floors for a good result

Choose wood grains according to your rooms’ locations and sizes

If you have rooms facing south or wide, you can make your hardwood floors look elegant by choosing dark wood, like mahogany or Brazilian walnut. If they have lighter wood grains, smaller rooms perform better. Talk of softwood grains in small areas such as white oak, ash, or maple.

You should ensure that you do not install the hardwood floor for the long lobby in parallel to your room’s length. It should appear narrower than installing it in the other direction.Once there is a door at the end of the entrance hall that separates the rooms, you can either place wood in another direction or add value in a new grain. If the lobby is not separated from the next room by a door, continue to lay the floor in the same pattern.

Separating rooms

If you want to install several floors of wood granules in neighboring rooms, this would be simple. The boards or t-moldings on the thresholds of the doors can be used for separation. In wide rooms with different wooden grains, you can also separate spaces. This can be used to highlight certain areas and can be done well when you use borders creatively. You may attempt to create a border of contrasting wood across the area using the wood grain from the surrounding area.

In a house with an open floor plan, other areas may be divided by various hardwood floors.

For instance, wooden floors can be placed in the entrance area as a parquet, while the remainder of the floor is in straight lines. It will help you discern your entrance while complementing the design of your home.

Why trying to match existing wood floors is difficult

You may be tempted to try to suit the floors in your other areas if you intend to install wood floors in only one area of your house. This isn’t easy to do since the tone can be a slightly different sequence of the same wood floor forms. The difference can be obvious when the new flooring is installed. Try to create contrast instead, and pick a new grain of wood that reinforces what you built without too closely matching it.

Rather than sanding and finishing them all, you would prefer to try to fit existing wood floors with your new floors. The choice of a particular floor or wood grain and the prospect of a border to distinguish between them contribute to your home appearance. Alternatively, you would have to work through the issue.

Some people assume that they have to use the same floors all over their homes, but they can make the home look more beautiful by choosing to combine different wood grains. 


The Classic vinyl flooring Dubai experts will help you select the floors that will differentiate your house. Call us today to schedule your appointment so that you can start to transform your house into your beautiful place.