Top 7 reputable QR code generators for business 2020

To improve your business with QR codes, how can reputable QR code generators help? If research tires you, here’s a list of reputable QR code generators.

Small and large businesses are struggling to keep their business afloat. With the current health issue that we are currently facing, QR code usage becomes their outlet of salvation. With several reputable QR code generators, choosing the best one is a burden to bear. By giving you tips and top picks on QR code generators, you can continue your journey without any worries.

Why marketers and businessmen choose reputable QR code generators?

As QR codes are making a marketing comeback, marketers and businessmen choose a reputable QR code generator. Through this, they are able to continue their marketing campaigns with QR codes and guarantee the functionality of it. With the use of modern technology, QR codes help businessmen in generating more sales. In this way, as they invest with the use of QR codes, QR code generators help marketers and businesses to grow.

Because of these, hundreds of QR code generators pop-up online. Some of them having mundane functions of a typical QR code generation. But to incorporate easy recognition from users, containing unique features in generating and best user experience become the QR code generators goal.

To give you an idea about how I choose my top picks, here are the following factors to consider and evaluate.

Must-have features of a reputable QR code generator

When picking the best QR code generator, there are must-have features you need to consider.


It’s important to have a QR code generator that is reliable and secure. In this way, your QR code generation will not be compromised. To check for the software’s credibility, click the site information, and look for its SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is an online domain certificate that shows the veracity of the identity to the remote computer.

Another way of checking the software’s credibility is through the use of a free URL checker like URLVoid. URLVoid is an online URL checker that checks the website’s domain whether it is real or not.

Dynamic QR code generator with robust conversion tracking capacity

For businesses, having a robust conversion tracking in a dynamic QR code generator is a must. With tight competition happening in the business battleground, having the best QR code generator with robust conversion tracking capacity is needed. Through this, you are able to consistently track important scanning data such as the number of scans, location of the scans made, and date of scanning. With the use of dynamic QR codes, your marketing campaigns will become efficient and effective. Most reputable QR code generators have this feature. This is the reason why businesses opt to work with reputable QR code generators.

Customization of QR code 

Customization allows you to give your audience a gist about you and your company. It also allows you to trigger your creativity. Through these, different QR code makers offer basic and advanced customization interface for different customization needs. When choosing a reputable QR code generator, considering the modes of customization offers is a crucial aspect as it increases the chance of creating visually appealing QR codes.

Responsive customer support

Why customer support is important?

To businesses, customer support is the key factor of gaining recognition. In this way, you gain more customers because of having a responsive customer support.

The same goes for reputable QR code generators, they are chosen by most users as they have responsive customer support. Without it, the reputation a business is establishing will go to waste.

The main function of having customer support is to reach out to the software’s customer service by asking the limitations and possibilities of using QR codes as well as ask for help when generating.

Open for updates to improve user experience

Ensuring effective user experience is a company’s top priority. As the user’s attention span is limited, updating software interface is needed. If you are looking for a QR code generator that can adapt to user’s changing taste, considering its efforts through updates can help. In this way, they can deliver effective and innovative up to date software experience.

If a software does not upgrade to satisfy user’s needs, the software will be disregarded and left out.

Different solutions to different problems

As QR codes are made to become a solution to different problems, choosing a QR code generator that have a variety of solutions is can be hard. The kind of offers QR code generators offers vary from one another. But here are a list of QR code solutions that a typical QR code generator can offer.A website URL

  • WiFi
  • App stores
  • MP3
  • Vcard – business card QR code 
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube
  • Email
  • Text
  • Multi URL QR codes

Some of these QR code solutions offer free generation while others don’t.

Top 7 reputable QR code generators for business 2020 (in order)

1. QRTiger

One thing I like about this QR code generator is that it is free and no annoying pop-up ads on each side. This QR code generator offers a clean, minimalistic, professional, and innovative website interface. This software allows me to easily explore different QR code solutions such as URL, Files, Emails, Social Media, Multi-URLs, MP3, and more.

You don’t have to worry about messing the generation for the software’s prompt is easy to follow. In this way, QRTiger is ideal for users who are starting to learn how to make QR codes.

Also, this software allows users to customize their QR codes and accurately deliver the expected outcome of your QR code. In addition, it can let you add your photo, logo, or icon, which is a great help in making these codes recognizable and look professional. I have tried it a couple of times using different information in embedding and it never disappoints me.

Plus, this software has an H5 editor feature that allows me to create a mobile website without the need of buying a domain. This feature is usually not offered by other QR code generators. I know that this kind of feature requires a subscription but it actually gives more benefits to it.

Moreover, I tested the software’s ability to generate dynamic QR codes. And the results make a cleaner look than using static QR codes. By embedding it to your marketing campaign, you can actually view the magical workings of the QR code interactions made such as real-time number of QR code scans, location and device used. We can say this is the best QR Code generator with logo to use online.


2. QR Stuff

This QR code generator can deliver effective QR code generation. However, its interface is not friendly to first-time users. With its one-page interface, some users are struggling to use the software. It has common QR code solutions such as Emails, texts, URLs, Vcard, and most of the social media links. This QR code generator is good for users who are in the tech community. I would not recommend it to first-time users. The number of QR code generation is limited only and if you are planning to continue its usage, you are required to subscribe to their subscription plans.

 QR Stuff
QR Stuff

3. GoQR

GoQR is a simple QR code generator that lets you generate QR codes for free. However, the solutions it offers are limited. Plus, the options in generating are only limited to static QR code generation which is a no-no for businesses.

But on the bright side, GoQR’s interface is easy to use and it encourages you to add it to your merchandise. However, its customization features are limited and adding your logo and other data is tricky as it requires you to email the data to their developers.


4. Tec-IT

Tec-IT is a normal QR code generator that only lets you generate QR codes in its universal format, black and white. The QR code solutions it offers are website URLs, WIFI, text messages, V-card or electronic business cards, and more. When it comes to its credibility to deliver quality QR codes, it somewhat met the expectations but there are various areas that need improvement. Overall, the QR code generator is useful for users who are looking for a QR code generator for personal usage only.


5. Visual Lead

This QR code generator has a very attractive interface and is a generator for visual artists. It has 5 QR code categories: the URL, business, personal, social, and utility. To know how this work, just select your desires QR code category and click the “next” icon.

Ths QR code generator allows the usage of colorful backgrounds such as images and logos. The only downside of this QR code generator is that it does not allow you to download the visual QR code without subscribing to their 14-day trial and requests you to proceed their bundle plans.

Visual Lead
Visual Lead

6. uQR Code Generator

uQR code generator is one of the most popular QR code generators online. When it comes to creating QR codes, this software offers a wide variety of QR codes solutions, such as URLs, SMS, codes, V-cards, Google Maps, and so many others. The sky is the limit when you are using this QR code generator. 

However, unlike others where you can just generate your QR code instantly, this QR code generator will offer you a 14-day trial to get started with your QR code marketing campaign. It’s like finding content but you are barred by security checks of a search engine. uQR also provides excellent customer support for your QR code queries and problems. 

uQR Code Generator
uQR Code Generator

7. QR Code.Appspot

QR code. Appspot is a simple QR code generator that Google backs up. This QR code generator has a simple yet useful interface. However, it does not allow you to stylize your QR code and is only limited to one QR code solution, text QR code.

Unlike the other aforementioned QR code generator, it doesn’t require you to make an account to create your Static QR code. You can easily download right away your static Qr code to your computer. 

The only downside of this QR code generator is that they lack customer support.

QR Code.Appspot
QR Code.Appspot

Final Verdict:

As the pandemic continues, choosing reputable QR code generators becomes a part of the business solutions in continuing their operations. But with a variety of available reputable QR code generators, selecting the right one for your business can be a difficult thing to manage. By carefully considering the must-have features of a reputable QR code generator, you can get the best QR code generator for your business. As I have tested various QR code generators, QRTiger exceeds my expectations and tops as the reputable best QR code generator.