Registering A Car In Montana From Out-Of-State: How An Agent Can Help You Complete The Process

You must register your car in Montana within 60 days after moving to the state. If you do not register your vehicle within 60 days, you may be fined heavily.

For Montana vehicle registration, you must go to your county treasurer’s office in person and present the following information:

• A completed car registration application

• Vehicle insurance documentation

• The vehicle’s title

• Former state registration certificate

If you want to learn more about the process, here is a full guide on how to register a vehicle in Montana.

You will also be charged a registration fee. The charge is $217 if your vehicle is four years old or less. The charge is $87 for vehicles aged five to ten years and $28 for vehicles aged more than ten years.

Don’t forget to notify your auto insurance company of your relocation. Because your policy will have to be rerated for Montana, now is a good opportunity to shop around and compare rates to ensure you are getting the best bargain.

How a Montana Registered Agent Can Help

Working with a Montana registered agent is the easiest way when looking to register your out-of-state car in Montana. Here’s what the whole process entails:

  • You submit to the agent information about the vehicle you intend to buy so that they can come up with your Montana Vehicle Registration.
  • The agent forms a Montana LLC on your name using the information you have provided them.
  • Once the LLC is ready, they will help you register your car on it.
  • The entire process won’t take too long. In 2-4 weeks, you will have your full Montana Vehicle Registration as well as Montana License plates.

Having your car registered on a Montana LLC can save you hundreds of dollars and that’s why more and more car owners are registering their vehicles in Montana. If you look around you will probably notice that there’s a variety of cars, from cheaper ones to the most expensive brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini which carry Montana registration numbers.

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy by working with an agent to register an out-of-state car in Montana.

  • Efficiency. You will be able to have your Montana LLC, license plates, as well as car registration in 2-4 weeks. That’s pretty fast. If you opt to register a car or RV in Montana yourself without involving an agent, the process can drag much longer.
  • Confidentiality. Whether it is forming an LLC, or applying for Montana License Plates, when working with a reputable agent you won’t have to worry about your personal data getting leaked out.

 Final Remarks

There are numerous reasons why you might want to register your car in Montana under an LLC. Perhaps you are buying a car in another state and want to title it in Montana. You can do that by setting up an LLC.

Or maybe you are buying a car in Montana, but you are not a resident. By setting up an LLC, you can have the car titled in your home state.

Registering your car in Montana through an LLC is not difficult but working with a reputable company like 5 Star Registration will make the process much easier and less time consuming for you.