The New Normal | Viewing A Property During The Pandemic

You can still buy and sell properties during the pandemic under current government guidelines. The property market’s wheels and cogs have slowly begun turning again and people are buying, selling, and viewing houses. However, like all industries, it has adapted to the circumstances. 

The process of moving home is going to be different to it has ever been before. Estate agents, conveyancers, and all other professionals involved in the property market have revised how they work to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19.

If you want to buy or sell commercial property, you must contact commercial property lawyers. They will advise you on your best course of action. However, below is some advice if you’re buying a property during the pandemic.

  • Virtual Viewings – Arrange a virtual property viewing on Zoom or through another video meeting platform. This can be an initial viewing to check if you like the property and will reduce the number of in-person visits you need to make. Also, ask if there is a video available or 3D tour.
  • Research, Research, Research – There are plenty of ways to check if you like a property. For example, you can walk past the building and around the nearby area to get a feel of the location. Scroll through online listings for the property and drive past the property at different times in the day.
  • Follow Social Distancing Guidelines – As well as these methods, you can visit and view the property in-person as long as you’re following social distancing guidelines. Wear a mask and keep a 2-metre distance from people not in your household or bubble.

This is some advice on buying a property in 2020, but what about if you’re selling a property during the pandemic?

Can I Still Sell My Property During COVID-19?

Of course, as you can buy a property, you can sell your property as well. There are rules you need to follow, which your estate agent or commercial property lawyer can advise you on. Even in these unique times, you have a range of opportunities to make your property appealing to potential buyers.

Here are three examples of how you can encourage people to buy your property while remaining safe and following government guidelines.

  • Create a video that is a virtual tour of your property and showcase all its selling points and unique aspects. This is a chance to persuade people why they should buy your property and can lead to in-person viewings later down the line.
  • Many property agents are creating 3D walkthroughs of properties. Ask your estate agent about them and decide if they could benefit your selling efforts.
  • In-person viewings are allowed, but they should be arranged by appointment only and open house viewings are not permitted. Provide hand sanitiser for the guests and ensure all internal doors are open to maintain good ventilation. It’s also recommended by the government that you vacate the property during a viewing, so contact between people is reduced.

After a property viewing, ensure all touch points, such as door handles and taps are cleaned. Although people shouldn’t be touching surfaces or any parts of your property, it’s best practise to clean your property thoroughly after every viewing.

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, discuss the process with a property lawyer. Property law is complicated and having an expert to guide you through the process is invaluable. Understanding what needs to be completed and when ensures you avoid unnecessary delays and the moving process is as simple as possible.