Why You Should Install Led Panels in Your Office

Office spaces are task-oriented spaces that practically require a good lighting setup to create a professional environment while considering the utility bills and flexibility. 

LED flat panel lights are specifically crafted to be installed in commercial and industrial setups while keeping the employees’ ambiance and feasibility into account. 

A few reasons why you should switch your office lighting setup to LED panel lights are:

  1. Uniform lighting 

LED panel flat lights are built so that the light emitted from diodes arranged on the guide plate is distributed evenly all over the surface. It creates a uniform lighting pattern further enhanced by the lens that directs light outside of the panel. The light is emitted through a process of total internal reflection, which creates a uniformly diffused beam. The light from the fixture is glare-free and is essential in office spaces as stress and strain can cause headaches and affect productivity. 

  1. Better luminous efficacy 

The brightness of LED lights is measured in lumens. LED panel lights have better lumen output than their counterparts with efficient light distributing pattern; they are also available in various lumen outputs regardless of the fixture’s size or shape. Panel lights are generally rectangular, but they are also available in square or round shapes. This doesn’t affect their functionality; they are available in different wattages despite being of the same size. 

This gives the user freedom to opt for any size or shape of the fixture according to their feasibility and lighting layout. 

  1. Energy efficiency 

Energy efficiency is the most significant factor which amounts to the credibility of LED lights. Likewise, panel lights are just as energy-efficient despite their enormous size. These lights consume less energy and produce more light. They do not waste energy and stay functional at best. This is highly profitable for large-scale corporate and industrial environments in the long run.  

  1. Durability 

LED panel fixtures are incredibly resistant and durable. Each part of the fixture is designed to accommodate tough environments while sustaining the functionality. These ultra-slim panels appear to be prone to damage, but they are made up of rigid material that protects them against breakage, moisture and other potentially harmful elements. 

  1. Operable in both hot and cold environments 

Ideally, the surroundings’ temperature has a direct impact on productivity and in offices there are usually inverter systems installed but incorporation of led panel lights has consequently affected the surrounding temperatures in a beneficial way. They can withstand extreme temperatures and provide a cooling effect on the natural environment, reducing air conditioning costs during summers. 

  1. Environment friendly 

LED panels are built from extraordinarily safe and eco-friendly material, unlike fluorescent tubes, which contain mercury. Mercury is toxic for humans and animals; in case of accidents or disposal of fluorescent tubes, it has always been a potential threat to the environment once they expire.  LEDs also do not produce any harmful radiation and are technically safe to recycle as they do not contain any such chemicals. 

  1. Instant Start-up 

LED lights have a quick start-up time and do not need any time to cool down after constant usage hours. They do not flicker, hum or are irritable in any case. 


LED panel lights are smart and efficient lighting technology made for commercial and industrial environments. Installing them in offices is exceptionally beneficial both to the business and people working in that environment.