Top 5 Reasons why VPS Hosting is the Right Solution for your Growing Website

Are you running an online website? If yes, your website may be attracting hundreds of visitors every day, helping you gain a steady income. Under such a scenario, you may be motivated to add more features to your website and augment your earnings. But your current shared hosting package may not have ample resources to help you with the same. If you need more control and customization over your hosting solution, you may require an upgrade.

A great hosting alternative for many growing websites would be dedicated hosting. But dedicated hosting may provide you with far more resources than you actually need. So, an optimal solution would be to go for a virtual private server aka VPS hosting. VPS hosting is an amalgamation of two popular hosting models: shared and dedicated.

Before we move on to discuss why a VPS hosting serviceis ideal for growing websites, let us first understand VPS hosting in detail.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is a hosting framework wherein a physical server is partitioned into several smaller virtual servers by means of virtualization. Virtualization is carried out using a software called hypervisor. Each of the virtual servers thus created is allocated a fixed set of resources-CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth-and operates in a sandboxed environment independent of other servers. This means the performance of one server remains unaffected by other servers.

So, while a VPS operates through the sharing of resources like shared hosting, it works with a reserved set of resources like dedicated hosting. All in all, a VPS offers the benefits of a dedicated server at the price of a shared server.

5 Reasons why VPS Hosting is the Right Solution for your Growing Website

Cost-effectiveness: As a website owner, you need to make sure you spend your money wisely. Investing in a shared hosting solution when your website has outgrown the current plan can lead to performance issues. On the other hand, purchasing a dedicated hosting plan will not make sense either if your website does not demand very high resource consumption. VPS hosting service offers a middle path where you get ample resources without incurring too much expenditure.

Control:Because a VPS is independent of other servers hosted on the same physical server, it allows you to have complete control over it. In a VPS, you get root access to the server, so you have the entire operating system (and its files and resources) to yourself. This means you can install applications of your choice and customize the server according to your preference. With shared hosting, you are confined to the configuration provided by your hosting provider.

Availability:VPS is a virtual server which does not have any physical components of its own. Most of the hosting companies back up your VPS as a server image. So, when the server hosting the VPS goes down, the image can be easily rebooted on another physical server. This makes sure your website keeps up and running at all times.

Dedicated Resources:Shared hosting users face a challenge when a neighboring website receives a lot of web traffic or consumes massive resources because this leaves fewer resources for other accounts to work with. This means websites on a shared server may,at times, experience downtime or slow loading time.  So, shared hosting isn’t a great option for a growing website, particularly if you generate revenue through your website. In a VPS hosting service, a fixed amount of resources is allocated to each account, so each account performs independently of the others.

Security:As a website owner, you must understand the significance of security. VPS hosting is far more secure when compared to its shared counterparts. In shared hosting, if one of your neighboring accounts experiences a malware attack or gets blacklisted, it may affect your account as well. In a VPS hosting service, on the other hand, your account operates in an isolated environment. So, if any of the neighboring accounts gets infected by malware, it will not impact your website in any manner. A VPS account thus guarantees full security of your website.

Wrapping it up

Virtual private servers are well-suited for business owners that demand the performance, control and security of a dedicated server on a budget. At Go4hosting, we offer the best-in-industry VPS hosting services at highly affordable rates. So, if you seek one of these for your business, please get in touch with our hosting experts at 91-120-6025102.