VPN for Dark Web

You might ever hear that there is another surface of the web that can only be accessed by a specific way called the dark web. The rumors said that the dark web is a hidden place where dangerous things on the internet are found. The spread of these rumors is understandable because some parts of it are unsafe. 

There are various visitors on the dark web, people against censorship, computer nerds, and tech junkies, swindlers, including drug dealers and other illegal things. To get to know more about the dark web, we need to know about the other layer of the internet world first. On the first layer, there are the surface web, deep web, and the dark web. 

The Surface Web

The surface web is the regular web that most of us can access with the popular search engines, like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. To access the surface web all you need to have is an internet connection and a browser. There are online stores, personal websites, and business websites that are part of the surface web. 

The Deep Web

The deep web needs a specific search engine that can only be accessed by certain people mostly in an organization. Therefore, to access the deep web, you need to type a certain web address (URL). Some of the websites required a specific password. A simple example of the deep web is a university database, reports, and journals that are only accessible by certain people. 

The Dark Web

The dark web is not easy to reach and can only be accessed by a specific browser for example TOR browser. The dark web’s URLs consist of a mix of letters and numbers that end with .onion. Moreover, the URL on the dark web changes regularly. 

There is no rule on the dark web and it is the unregulated part of the internet. This is why there are so many illegal activities happening on the dark web. Even though it sounds like that the dark web is the most dangerous place on the internet. It is completely legal to use and access the dark web in most countries. But, some activities are illegal’s.

The Myths of Dark Web

People tell the craziest stories about the dark web. You can find so many YouTube conspiracy videos or articles that talked about the dark web. Some said that you can hire a hitman or sell drugs and weapons. 

These rumors created a stereotype that the dark web is illegal. But it is not true. The dark web can be a safe place for journalists, whistleblowers, or citizens from dictatorial regimes to access the internet without being tracked. 

Why You Need A VPN for Dark Web

A VPN virtual private network will keep you safe while surfing on the dark web. There are so many data snoopers and people who want to steal your private identity on the dark web. A VPN also keeps you private and anonymous. 

The VPN will cover your IP address so your ISP couldn’t track you. Surfing on the dark web might sound like you are doing illegal things. This can draw unwanted attention and raise suspicions. You can use a VPN to stay private. 

How to Access the Dark Web?

To access the dark web you need to do these specific steps: 

  1. Get Tor Browser: you can download and install it for free. You can use a VPN or turn into incognito mode if you don’t want your ISP to know you’re downloading windows. 
  2. Use A VPN: The dark web can be full of people who want to steal your data. You can get secure protection for your data by using a flyunder vpn. 
  3. Navigation the dark net: The domain for the dark net is onion, you can access .onion from the dark net search engines such as NotEvil, Ahmia, Torch, etc. 

Now you can start to surf on the dark net. But you just need to remember that using a VPN can protect your data from being leaked.