Covid-19 Safety: Travel Guidelines during the Crisis

The pandemic made everyone miss the joys of traveling. But even if many people are now vaccinated against Covid-19, many are still thinking twice about going on a trip outside of their country or state. They fear contracting the virus while traveling to their destination or while enjoying their trip. The good news is, borders are slowly opening their doors to travelers. Sure, it won’t be the same with all the safety precautions each city, country, or state enforces. But there are travel destinations now accepting non-residents.

Protecting yourself while traveling is the best way to keep yourself safe. It is not just about choosing your travel destination well if you are going on a trip for fun and leisure. It is also about knowing the best travel practices you ought to keep in mind during the pandemic.

Here’s a short guideline that will help you boost your travel safety when going on a trip during the Covid-19 crisis.

Do Your Homework Before Choosing a Travel Destination

You might already be familiar with the health and safety rules enforced in your state or country. But do you know the Covid-19 travel rules on your target destination? Just because your dream travel destination is now open, you can already go mask-free and enjoy your trip as you could before.

You must start your travel planning by doing your research. Check the Covid-19 travel rules of your travel to know what to expect when visiting the place. You would want to check what local authorities are doing to prevent the spread of the virus.

Some places no longer require wearing masks due to most of the locals already being fully vaccinated. But if you yourself haven’t received your vaccine yet, you must practice strict health and safety measures when traveling. Some places require you to undergo a second Covid-19 testing and social distancing one week after your arrival.

Choose Your Travel Activities Wisely

Not all fun activities in your desired travel destination can be considered safe. The local authorities may be doing their best to contain the spread of the virus. But this is not enough reason to keep your guards down.

When choosing the activities you plan on enjoying while on the trip, it is best to stick to outdoor activities with minimal contact with other people. This includes fishing, kayaking, and Jet Ski riding can be a safer alternative. You can consider availing of an all-inclusive travel package so that you can enjoy all these perks and more when visiting a travel destination.

You can obtain all the necessary information you might need to gather from your travel provider. You can ask them all of your questions and concerns. They can provide you with the best tips on getting the most out of your trip while keeping your best interest and safety in mind.

Limit Your Travel Companions

Traveling might be fun when you have a big group to make memories with. But during the new normal, it is best not to bring many people with you, especially if you will bring your own car. It can be impossible to maintain a safe distance from your travel companions if you are only traveling via a private vehicle.

As much as possible, only travel with people within your household. It is also a good idea if you and all of your travel buddies already received their complete vaccine. This will give everyone better peace of mind even if someone, unfortunately, catches the virus while on the trip.

When traveling with other people outside of your household, it won’t hurt everyone to wear masks while on the joy ride. Create a travel-related list of tasks where two people who are not at a high risk will be the ones to buy gas, ask for directions, or grab food for everyone.

It is best to maintain proper ventilation by keeping the windows open if possible. If this is not possible, switch your AC unit to non-recirculation mode. This allows your car to funnel fresh air from the outside instead of simply recirculating air within your car.  

Keeping Yourself Safe at a Hotel or Other Vacation Home

You must choose your accommodation wisely. Check the hotel’s cleaning protocol. Ask them how they try to keep their guests safe.

It won’t hurt to bring your own disinfecting supplies just for your own peace of mind. You can bring disinfection wipes, alcohol, and sanitizer. Practice social distancing, mask-wearing, and handwashing wherever you might go.

Traveling during the new normal is nowhere as fun as it was before. But there are ways you can prioritize your health and safety while on a leisure trip. You can use this shortlist as your guide to improve your safety while traveling mid-pandemic.