Do Moving Companies Do DOT Drug Tests?

Moving companies are not part of a government organization, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t monitored by one. Because of the way these companies interact with the public, they are subject to certain DOT regulations. Let’s explore drug testing rules for moving truck drivers, along with tips for what to do if you fail a drug test.

Are Moving Companies Regulated by the Department of Transportation?

Most moving companies are regulated by the Department of Transportation. This varies slightly based on where the moving companies operate and the size of vehicles they use. At minimum, most moving companies will need to be registered with their state’s commercial vehicle branch, but they may also have a unique USDOT number.

Do Moving Truck Drivers Get Drug Tested?

Yes, moving truck drivers get drug tested. According to the Federal Motor Company Safety Administration, any driver operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) that requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is subject to drug and alcohol testing. By definition, a CMV is a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,001 lbs. or more.

The Department of Transportation administers drug tests to maintain safe work and road conditions. This not only protects the drivers and coworkers, but it also protects other drivers on the road. All safety-sensitive workers in the moving industry must comply with DOT drug testing protocol.

When Moving Companies Conduct DOT Drug Tests

There are several instances when a moving company may conduct a DOT drug test, including:

  • Pre-employment drug testing for a new hire
  • Post-accident drug testing after an accident occurs (some exclusions apply)
  • Reasonable suspicion drug testing
  • Random drug testing that follows the DOT’s randomization guidelines
  • Return-to-duty drug testing after completing a SAP program
  • Follow-up drug testing after an employee returns to work

There are rules regarding when and how these tests occur, but most DOT drug testing involves a 5-panel urinalysis. This test detects traces of THC, opiates, methamphetamine, and other substances.

Can I Work for a Moving Company with a Medical Marijuana Card?

The Department of Transportation is federally regulated, and at this time, medical marijuana is not federally legal. Because of this, moving truck drivers must be able to pass a drug test for marijuana/THC.

Having a medical marijuana card may not prevent you from working for a moving company, but you won’t be able to consume THC and reliably pass a drug test. Your marijuana card will not negate or justify the positive test results, and you’ll have to complete the Return-to-Duty process just like anyone else who fails a drug test.

What to Do If You Fail a DOT Drug Test

If you fail a DOT drug test, your employer will immediately remove you from safety-sensitive work. In this case, that will likely be driving a moving vehicle. Before you can resume those job duties, you’ll need to complete the Return-to-Duty process (RTD) with a Substance Abuse Professional.

Your employer can decide to let you work in other positions as you complete the RTD process, or they may suspend your employment or terminate you altogether. This is not up to the Department of Transportation. Once you complete your RTD and get cleared to work again, you can continue to work as you did before.